Nowadays, a huge number of  human beings do not acknowledge the fact that we cannot control everything. we are just living a life which was given to us by someone who cares for us,loves us and wants to protects us-GOD.

I was one of these human beings. i thought i reached somewhere in my life and created my own god- myself. Things didn’t work so good for me because i got derailed and started feeling super lonely because i could not trust in anyone. This did not come from no where it was an effect marked on me by previous experiences in my life which all led to the creation of barrier so no one would ever come into my life, no one would ever know who i truly am because they would take advantage of me.

This kept on going quite a while until i literally i could not feel anything rather than anger towards everyone around me, my family , towards God for creating such a failure. I constantly wanted to die because for me my life was full of emptiness.

But then ”THE BEGINNING” happened, because i thought to myself that something needs to be done and if God truly exists He will turn this into something good….and He did!

stayed tuned to see what God did for me and what He will do for you if you give Him a chance.


Author: thesonwhowassavedbyGod

I was saved through the love of God

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