As i mentioned in the previous post, i took the decision to let God to be the centre of  my life… any one may ask was it worth it ?

I can truly say -IT WAS

The START, was not an easy one i must admit . To turn your life to another way you need the grace of the Lord and the perseverance as to never let anyone or anything brings you down.

For me the start was like going to a cooking class…i was learning through community meetings how to pray and build my relationship with God but as soon i go out of the building i was finding myself confused and without a clue what to do. But i was willing to keep on fighting because i knew that God loves me and He wants me to return to Him.

i started to pray (having no clue what i was doing but i still kept on going)… if you try to make a plate of pasta i m sure you won’ t lose faith if you mess up because you need to eat and so is our spiritual life  we need to feed it other than we will be  side tracked.

So to anyone reading this post, today give Him two minutes and ask Him for His presence and when He knocks on your heart say  ” yes,Lord..come into my life and heal me”. God leave us our freewill so He won’t enter if not invited.

Pray and tell me what you think

God bless you abundantly

the son who was saved by GOD


Author: thesonwhowassavedbyGod

I was saved through the love of God

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