In your arms, I fell broken
but with your love
I am restored
I am renewed.

Through your word
I realised
Who can save it all

You loved me
Since the start,
The start of life

A life which was too dull
until I found you
I was in the dark
but with your light you shined
through all my ugly truths.


the son who was saved by god


A trip to memory lane

Having experiences is not something new in our life.
But sometimes we tend to leave them behind.

People come, People go
in and out of our life.
Each time leaving something behind them
Each time taking something with them.

A trip to memory lane,
is what gets conscious
of what we have.

Are we grateful or not?
Who knows?

We better be
So we praise Jesus for what we have
So we praise Jesus for what He took
from our life.

the son who was saved by God



Pride ?? – what’s that ?

Most people say that they are not proud of themselves in various ways. Some because of low self worth others because they feel that what are they doing its the good.

That’s it

Pride – the barrier which impede us from realising those areas which we need to work on. accepting such thing would makes us vulnerable – and who likes to be vulnerable ?

I, for one – i am not

What’s the next step forward? – its useless to keep thinking about the same thing and what could have been if something happen in different way. Either you pull up you big man socks and deal with the issue or stay in that bubble you feel the most comfortable.

I am living in one right now, and when this burst i know the fall will be huge and probably no one will be there to catch me. But i believe God will be there to catch me and love me as always.

until next time



The reality of life.

How many times we feel that we are sorted.

speaking for myself most of the time – then my bubble of perfection bursts, leaving me in a world where i feel i don’t belong.

A world where i feel invisible, a world that no one understands me. When this happen we tend to put everyone in the same boat even God because we feel abandoned. And for me personally i find it very difficult to seek Him in these moments.

but what the THE REALITY OF LIFE.

Are we alone ?
Why do we face such darkness ?
Why our friends abandon us in the moment of need ?

I can’t figure it out – but if you can kindly message me

Till next time.

Who knows…

Do you ever feel that you have a purpose in life ?

The answer to this question is probably yes and if you don’t i believe you have to dig deeper.

but what is this purpose…we tend to live our life trying to fulfill this purpose without even knowing what are we pursuing. I believe that through prayer and constant guidance we can try to pursue the right one… but who will affirm this purpose ?

No one

We live and serve God and everything we do it must be for His name and not for our sake. is it easy ?

definitely NO.

I, myself has a struggle seeking this purpose but WHO KNOWS – maybe someday i realize what i am being called for and hopefully i would be open enough to accept such purpose.


Till next time.

The room

When we take a decision to go on a different path that we were used to some people find it much easier to adapt but some have to put some effort to continue on this journey.

But is it worth it?

Finding yourself in a room which you have been trying to avoid for years and when you enter in this room you see a havocĀ and darkness but bit by bit you start to sort this room out but along the way you seem to burn out and gets tired at the sight of this room.

but you know that in this room is the only room that you found peace and love?

what’s the natural instinct to do ?… give up or FIGHT ?

Around Us.

Sometimes we tend to get too distracted living, without realising that in fact we are not actually living but existing. To live is to enjoy life , to love , to cherish each second and to be kind to one other.

We are created as God’s children, we keep the traces of our parents till the very second we close our eyes, so why not follow what Jesus did when He came down among us to live his humanity.

He loved

He forgave

He was kind

and the most important of all He was aware of those around Him.

God Bless you all