The room

When we take a decision to go on a different path that we were used to some people find it much easier to adapt but some have to put some effort to continue on this journey.

But is it worth it?

Finding yourself in a room which you have been trying to avoid for years and when you enter in this room you see a havoc and darkness but bit by bit you start to sort this room out but along the way you seem to burn out and gets tired at the sight of this room.

but you know that in this room is the only room that you found peace and love?

what’s the natural instinct to do ?… give up or FIGHT ?


Around Us.

Sometimes we tend to get too distracted living, without realising that in fact we are not actually living but existing. To live is to enjoy life , to love , to cherish each second and to be kind to one other.

We are created as God’s children, we keep the traces of our parents till the very second we close our eyes, so why not follow what Jesus did when He came down among us to live his humanity.

He loved

He forgave

He was kind

and the most important of all He was aware of those around Him.

God Bless you all


Living The Life

Waking up in the morning not knowing what will happen might bring some stress or curiosity in most of us.

why is that?  can’t we just wake up in the morning praise the Lord for another morning and just carry on with our life and leave it up to the Lord to drive our day?

it is simple we cannot just leave it to someone who was victorious over death and He can do anything, we want to take control of our life because we are on this earth and we are fighting the problems every second of the day.

we feel that it is our task to drive our life but in reality, the Lord knows what we need and He is so gracious …LIVING THE LIFE with Him will prove that its worth it to be closer to the Lord rather than trying to do it all alone.

Give Him a chance to work in you today.

the son who was saved by GOD


sometimes we as human beings tries our very best to accomplish things the best way we can but sometimes we can mess up and fail and its ok… we are not robots we are human beings. As toddlers we did not learn to walk straight away , we learned to crawl first and started to get up little by little and we fell but at the end we learned to walk right ?

And that’s life with God…He gives us opportunities to take our life another step forward, but sometimes we are so broken that we lose faith it ourselves and say that we are where we are because of something we did and that we deserve it.


God had never rejected anyone He forgave those killed Him so one can imagine the love He has for us. I know believing in someone that abstract make it difficult to KEEP UP..but when you fall remember that there is someone who loves you unconditionally and He will never forsake you.

God is always ready to hug us again when we realise that we have messed up and we need to get back up and continue this beautiful journey we have here on earth

You are perfect because you are the son/daughter of God…run to Him

God bless you abundantly

the son who was saved by God


Life keep going…
Time will not wait for anyone, so why won’t we take the decision today to DEAL WITH IT ALL rather offering certain areas to God. this is like when you ask a designer for a professional help to design your living room … maybe he says ” hey i think you should remove that frame because it does not with the other stuff ” and you say ” but  i like it ”…

God is the designer in this story he comes into our lifes trying to change those areas which does not go with our personality.. we are all truly created in His image , we are His children thus as like every parent who cares for his children wants to protect us.

who knows if you say yes today you life will take under spin because God is full of surprises and He can out do us in any area.

So yes i believe through God and in His name we can Deal With It All

share God LOVES because He has loved us since the beginning of the creation.

God bless you abundantly

the son who was saved by God


As i mentioned in the previous post, i took the decision to let God to be the centre of  my life… any one may ask was it worth it ?

I can truly say -IT WAS

The START, was not an easy one i must admit . To turn your life to another way you need the grace of the Lord and the perseverance as to never let anyone or anything brings you down.

For me the start was like going to a cooking class…i was learning through community meetings how to pray and build my relationship with God but as soon i go out of the building i was finding myself confused and without a clue what to do. But i was willing to keep on fighting because i knew that God loves me and He wants me to return to Him.

i started to pray (having no clue what i was doing but i still kept on going)… if you try to make a plate of pasta i m sure you won’ t lose faith if you mess up because you need to eat and so is our spiritual life  we need to feed it other than we will be  side tracked.

So to anyone reading this post, today give Him two minutes and ask Him for His presence and when He knocks on your heart say  ” yes,Lord..come into my life and heal me”. God leave us our freewill so He won’t enter if not invited.

Pray and tell me what you think

God bless you abundantly

the son who was saved by GOD


As previously said in the previous post …God did surprise me.

One may ask how can a God who is not to be seen can surprise you ? … i can certainly relate to that because before i took the THE DECISION to allow someone work in me i was feeling the same way.

As i truly took the decision, i joined a community because on my own i knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Joining this community was quite a struggle for me because to go in broken as much i was i thought i was beyond fixing, but again God showed how much he loved me and wants me back on the right path…He showered me with people who can help to get out of the dark alley i was in, people who helped me and taught me how to pray and build a relationship with God.

It was such an amazing start to the journey which led to so so much more…i can vouch for His endless unconditional love so stayed tuned for more post that i will be sharing of God’s love and presence in my life

God bless you abundantly