The reality of life.

How many times we feel that we are sorted.

speaking for myself most of the time – then my bubble of perfection bursts, leaving me in a world where i feel i don’t belong.

A world where i feel invisible, a world that no one understands me. When this happen we tend to put everyone in the same boat even God because we feel abandoned. And for me personally i find it very difficult to seek Him in these moments.

but what the THE REALITY OF LIFE.

Are we alone ?
Why do we face such darkness ?
Why our friends abandon us in the moment of need ?

I can’t figure it out – but if you can kindly message me

Till next time.



As previously said in the previous post …God did surprise me.

One may ask how can a God who is not to be seen can surprise you ? … i can certainly relate to that because before i took the THE DECISION to allow someone work in me i was feeling the same way.

As i truly took the decision, i joined a community because on my own i knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Joining this community was quite a struggle for me because to go in broken as much i was i thought i was beyond fixing, but again God showed how much he loved me and wants me back on the right path…He showered me with people who can help to get out of the dark alley i was in, people who helped me and taught me how to pray and build a relationship with God.

It was such an amazing start to the journey which led to so so much more…i can vouch for His endless unconditional love so stayed tuned for more post that i will be sharing of God’s love and presence in my life

God bless you abundantly