Pride ?? – what’s that ?

Most people say that they are not proud of themselves in various ways. Some because of low self worth others because they feel that what are they doing its the good.

That’s it

Pride – the barrier which impede us from realising those areas which we need to work on. accepting such thing would makes us vulnerable – and who likes to be vulnerable ?

I, for one – i am not

What’s the next step forward? – its useless to keep thinking about the same thing and what could have been if something happen in different way. Either you pull up you big man socks and deal with the issue or stay in that bubble you feel the most comfortable.

I am living in one right now, and when this burst i know the fall will be huge and probably no one will be there to catch me. But i believe God will be there to catch me and love me as always.

until next time





sometimes we as human beings tries our very best to accomplish things the best way we can but sometimes we can mess up and fail and its ok… we are not robots we are human beings. As toddlers we did not learn to walk straight away , we learned to crawl first and started to get up little by little and we fell but at the end we learned to walk right ?

And that’s life with God…He gives us opportunities to take our life another step forward, but sometimes we are so broken that we lose faith it ourselves and say that we are where we are because of something we did and that we deserve it.


God had never rejected anyone He forgave those killed Him so one can imagine the love He has for us. I know believing in someone that abstract make it difficult to KEEP UP..but when you fall remember that there is someone who loves you unconditionally and He will never forsake you.

God is always ready to hug us again when we realise that we have messed up and we need to get back up and continue this beautiful journey we have here on earth

You are perfect because you are the son/daughter of God…run to Him

God bless you abundantly

the son who was saved by God